Field Trips with God

Where is God taking you?
There is an unreached people group that is waiting for you. They are not the poverty-stricken, yet many are poor in spirit. They are not orphans, yet many don’t know their heavenly Father. They are not refugees, yet many have restless, wandering hearts.

Every year, millions of people mobilize to locations all over the world as they vacation. They engage in sightseeing, thrill seeking, rest and relaxation, time with nature, backpacking, road trips, cruises, study excursions, retreats, music festivals, biking, and humanitarian efforts. Many of them do not know the Lord or have any idea that living life in connection with Him is the ultimate adventure.

Come with me and learn how to vacation with purpose. Have fun as you give away the love of God to those you meet – whether they are in national parks or in castles. You will receive basic ministry training and a fun group vacation experience as we go on a Field Trip with God!

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Photo Credit: Chrissy Fitchett